What to pack for 12 months RTW?

Where do you even start when trying to put together a list for 2 adults and 2 children for 12 months of RTW travel?  A good start is with the lists posted on other blogs.  Let other people do at least some of the thinking!  Based on the wonderful ideas of those that have paved the way before us, plus a few extra of our own ‘necessities’ I have put together a comprehensive list of gear that means we should be covered for most case scenarios without carrying too much extra junk.  There are some obvious things that we have to take with us from Australia e.g. medications.  No doubt just about every thing we need we can source along the way e.g. clothes and shoes for growing children.  One of the best things about travel is finding a new favourite shampoo or toothpaste or anchovy flavoured oatmeal (which I took a photo of in a Hong Kong supermarket).  Just couldn’t bring myself to want to taste it! 

I will post my list soon.


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