Why I want to go to university by Harris Baigrie

I’ve seen a lot of jobs this month that I wouldn’t want to do.  I want to go university or I might end up being a:

  • Toilet attendant (collect money so people can go to the toilet then clean the toilets);
  • Car jockey (people stand on the side of the road in Jakarta and you pay them to hop in your car so you can drive in the lane for cars with 3 or more passengers);
  • Floor fanner (someone mops the floor and the other person fans the floor with a piece of cardboard to dry it!)
  • Rubbish collector anywhere;
  • Ticket puncher;
  • Sunway Lagoon mascot;
  • Locker attendant at Sunway Lagoon;
  • Seller of bubble blowers/scarves/wooden flutes/postcards/guidebooks/bracelets/fruit/sunglasses/ice/bottled water/fried crickets/fried frogs/fried tarantulas/fried water beetles/fried baby birds …

Thanks for reading and I’ll write a new post soon.



  • Win Bartholomai March 10, 2011

    Dear Harris, Love reading your blogs – very interesting. love Nanny

  • Nola Hulin March 10, 2011

    Harris, We are enjoying, reading all your experiences as you travel around Asia hope you are looking after Mum, Dad and Patrick!Love to all. Aunty Nola

  • Simone Dullaway March 11, 2011

    Hi Harris, I not sure if I would like to do any of those jobs. Hang on – I am a toilet attendant – I just don’t get any money for it. I do get to drive in the fast lane when Erin and Michael are in the car – which one of us is the car jockey. Uncle Scott is our rubbish collector :)
    take care kiddo,

    Love Auntie Simone xo

  • Arthur & Dana March 13, 2011

    That’s right Harris,So if MUM or DAD Tell you to do your best at school( Which I’m sure you do) It’s because they love you too much to see you cleaning someones toilets.

  • Doug and Noela Baigrie March 13, 2011

    Hi Harris and Patrick, Mum and Dad,
    What weird job descriptions you have for options over there. I think that it would be good if you keep your Homework going really good, it will help you get a really good job like Dad’s or even Electrician like G’Pa. Lots of great things to study for eh? Pilot, Doctor, Motor Mechanic, Carpenter, Scientist and heaps more. Hope you are learning lots of good things on your trip. Love to All, G’pa and G’ma.

  • Mrs Baker January 9, 2012

    Hi Harris,
    I like your family’s site. I have twin sons who are 8 and our family loves world travel, so it’s fun to read your perspective since you are closest to their age.

    This is a great blog entry – why I want to go to university with the jobs you definitely don’t want to have when you grow up.

    Keep up the good writing. I’ll have the boys take a look at your entries.

  • Baigrie Family January 13, 2012

    Thanks for my liking my web posts.

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