18 Dec

48 days to go!

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Now we are counting in days!  Panic is starting to set in. So many things to do and the list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter.  On top of everything we now have a ute to fix after it was side swiped by a truck this week when parked in the street.  Ahhh! These things are sent to test us I know but we could certainly do without the inconvenience thanks! 

This week we...

4 Dec

December is here – 9 weeks to go

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Another week has come and nearly gone and I think it has rained nearly the whole time.

This week I have learnt that cleaning can be hazardous. Do not … and I repeat, do not try to clean a kitchen drawer with slightly too wet fingers because you are at risk of having that drawer fall on your foot at high speed and cause you to swear loudly in ear shot of your children and...

14 Nov

Flights – check!

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We finally had the chance to meet with our travel agent and book some flights – hooray. Two hours later we were the proud owners of a basic itinerary. Enough flights to get us out of Australia, into one continent; out of it and into the next.  There are big gaps of time and space in the middle for flexibility and to take advantage of cheap airfares in Asia, in...

4 Sep

Never a dull moment.

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I mentioned to someone recently that I haven’t had a great deal of time to devote to thinking about our travel plans in depth due to all the extra things that are currently on my To-Do-List.  My blog To-Do-List doesn’t accurately reflect all the extra things that the Baigrie Family has on their agenda before we can leave the country that keep us busy and life rarely dull. ...

1 Jun

First blog post!

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Early 2010 I started to research RTW travel with children. I was overwhelmed to find amazingly detailed travel blogs of families crisscrossing the world; some with 2 children and some with 4! I was truly inspired and motivated… if they could do it then I believed we could travel and blog our adventures too. Now motivated to want to fulfill my travel dreams, I set about...

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