19 Oct

Day 257 Brooks to Drumheller for more dinosaurs!

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We had a good night sleep in ‘The Plains Motel’ in Brooks, Alberta; a cheap little motel on the main road.  We had our own breakfast in the room since it had a microwave and fridge.  I went for a walk but didn’t see anything of great interest in this small and smelly town.  Now I’m not being overly judgemental when I say smelly because it is a well known fact that Brooks...

17 Oct

Day 256 Calgary to Brooks, Alberta

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Pancakes for breakfast again at the Calgary YHA; great when someone else makes the batter and cleans up the mess after!  Packed and ready to hit the road for road trip Canada (and USA)!  Today we were heading to the small town of Brooks because it was close to the Dinosaur Provincial Park, a World Heritage Site with the largest and most spectacular area of badlands in...

16 Oct

Day 255 Comics and corn in Calgary, Canada

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Our first morning in Canada – hey!  We enjoyed our free pancake breakfast at the youth hostel and got ourselves organised to get out the door. Most things don’t open until 10 am but Walmart was open so we headed there to get some groceries and supplies.  We didn’t really have a great plan for the day, just a few ideas on what we might try to see and do and to let the day...

15 Oct

Day 254 Chicago to Calgary, Canada

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I woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept much at all after my late night of drying clothes.  We got ourselves packed; ate our free bagels for breakfast and set off for the airport.  We had to walk to Fullerton Station; get the train into town; change lines for the O’Hare line and get to terminal to check-in and do it in a hurry.  We probably should have left a good 30 minutes...

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