7 Jan

28 sleeps to go!

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Today’s weekly round-up falls on MOVING DAY!  A day marked on the calendar for 6 months and ever looming.  I feel like I have been preparing for this day for months and actually I have.  I started packing early as I knew what a momentous task it would be, and that is after 2 garage sales and numerous trips to charity collection points to rid ourselves of unwanted items. ...

7 Jan

Thank you for looking after our ‘stuff’

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To my parents – a heartfelt thank you for taking loving care of our beloved dog Karlee. We look forward to seeing her in good health when we return (fingers crossed).  Also thanks for minding the outdoor setting, every garden ornament and numerous miscellaneous items.

To Steve’s parents – thank you for taking care of the garden mulcher and other miscellaneous items. ...

4 Jan

35 sleeps to go and Happy New Year!

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The Baigrie house was a hive of activity this week.  I finished my last day of work for 2010 and prepared for Christmas with last minute gift wrapping and food preparation.  We enjoyed a Christmas Eve feast as a family unit as the joys of shiftwork saw Steve rostered on for Christmas Day.  I drove 2 hours to Brisbane on Christmas Day with the boys to share lunch with 20...

24 Dec

The pig story

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A friend at lunch was telling me her about travels in Vietnam this week. Travels in Asia never seem to be without stories of what spectacles you see on motorbikes. Her story involved a man driving a motorbike with a pig laid out on the fuel tank. The pig was dead and cut down the belly with legs splayed out for all the world.  He had to lean over it to steer the...

24 Dec

41 days to go!

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Another busy week has come and gone.  Steve had his last rabies vaccination; boys enjoyed the second week of holidays and I finally pulled my finger out and organised all the landlord, house, contents, storage and transportation insurance.  Don’t normally name drop but thanks to Suncorp – I’ve been impressed with their service as a first time customer.

I finished work for...

18 Dec

48 days to go!

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Now we are counting in days!  Panic is starting to set in. So many things to do and the list doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter.  On top of everything we now have a ute to fix after it was side swiped by a truck this week when parked in the street.  Ahhh! These things are sent to test us I know but we could certainly do without the inconvenience thanks! 

This week we...

10 Dec

8 weeks to go!

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This week was a week of lasts - the last week of school and pre-prep with school parties and concerts; the last piano lesson and last basketball session.  In fact, the last day of school for a long long time, which I had to remind Harris of when he whinged that only 5 children in his class were going to be there on the last day for ’clean up’ day.

We also survived our...

4 Dec

December is here – 9 weeks to go

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Another week has come and nearly gone and I think it has rained nearly the whole time.

This week I have learnt that cleaning can be hazardous. Do not … and I repeat, do not try to clean a kitchen drawer with slightly too wet fingers because you are at risk of having that drawer fall on your foot at high speed and cause you to swear loudly in ear shot of your children and...

22 Nov

Jakarta to KL to Phnom Penh

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We got in and booked some flights to take advantage of one of Air Asia’s sales. Think we now have the hang of their website.

Flight path:  Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur on 15th February.

Flight path: KL to Phnom Penh on 23rd February.

Plan to start our stay at Singing Kites shortly after our arrival in Cambodia.  After that … who knows?

16 Nov

Flight path ….

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For all of you out there wondering what the heck we are doing … here it is (kind of). As previously mentioned we have flights into a continent and out again and this is how it looks.

  1. Brisbane to Jakarta via Sydney on 4th February 2011 – yippee. Spend this time with my cousin and his family. Need to fly out about 14th February so we don’t overstay our welcome!  Need to...

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