3 Mar

Things we packed that we like!

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One month of travel, two kids and three countries. We left Australia with 2 large backpacks and 4 smaller day packs between the four of us.  Did we bring enough ‘stuff’?  Yes. Did we bring too much? No, I don’t think so. There isn’t anything that I have come across yet that I think I must ditch at the next opportunity; except for the bottle of shampoo that leaked twice and...

2 Mar

Things I have eaten by Harris Baigrie

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So far on our trip through Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia I have eaten lots of different food and drink. Here is a list of things I have eaten.

  • Mango chicken and rice – 8/10
  • Roti Tissue – 7/10
  • Roti Cani plus curry – 9/10
  • Lok Lak (chicken) – 7/10 at Frizz Restaurant
  • J.Co glazy donut – 10/10
  • Kit Kat Cornetto – 11/10!
  • Red bean steamed bun – 0/10 (Dad loves them)
  • Lotus paste...

27 Feb

Days 20 – 23 in Phnom Penh

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Made it out of KL to Phnom Penh on AirAsia without a hitch. Got picked up at the airport in the hotel car and checked into the Khmer Royal Hotel right on the Tonle Sap River (Thanks Mr Tucker for the recommendation). We got a room overlooking the river walkway and set off on foot to find food.  The highlight of the evening was watching the hip hop dance lesson and aerobics...

24 Feb

Days 18 – 19 – Kuala Lumpur

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Our last two days in Malaysia were lots of fun. Monday 21st February, our host Christina took us out for a traditional Indian breakfast – yum!  We were joined by a lovely family from China – hi to Roger and family. 

Roger and family from China joining us for an Indian breakfast.

Christina took me into the neighbouring temple and explained the rituals when they...

24 Feb

Days 15 – 17 in Kuala Lumpur

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Wow, we have been busy and have not had much time to think about writing a post until now; plus it is quite time consuming and frustrating at times to master the web program.

 We had a wonderful time sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur and met some great people that really were a highlight of our stay. We crammed in a lot of wonderful experiences during our time. Here are some of...

18 Feb

Day 12 – Kuala Lumpur

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Our first full day of fun in KL started early with a breakfast wake up call from Anita at Galloway Flat with our breakfast, freshly made roti, curry and dhal with some bananas on the side. The boys tucked in heartily and polished of their share and looked for more; just the kind of energy they needed to catch up on some homework!

We then gathered our guidebooks and...

18 Feb

Day 14 – Menara KL Tower and Berjaya Times Square Mall

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Today we ate noodles and roti for breakfast!  We are still working out the transport system and changed our plans to go to the KL Tower and the surrounding forest first today.  

Menara KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We made it to the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve and then walked 300 steps up through the forest and across a suspension bridge to the Menara KL Tower centre. ...

16 Feb

Day 12 – Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur

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13 Feb

Day 10 – Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

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There is nothing ‘mini’ about Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.  Glad I checked the Lonely Planet before we went because initially I had thought it was a miniature Indonesia. No. It is a 100 hectare park with 27 full-scale traditional houses from the 27 provinces of Indonesia – well, now 26 since Timor Leste is no longer part of Indonesia.  The park opened in 1975 and much of...

11 Feb

Day 8 – Jakarta

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Jakarta International School Ambulance, Karina and Franz (School Nurse).

Another day comes and goes. Today we visited the Jakarta International School which Marshall attends. The boys ate large chocolate crepes prepared just for them in the school canteen. We walked around and took it all in. Popped into the School Nurse office and met Franz, one of the nurses. We had a...

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