26 Sep

Days 234-235 Spain to Gibraltar and back

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Steve spent 9 days completing his Day Skipper sailing course with the Hot Liquid Sailing Company, based in Gibraltar.  During this time the boys and I hung out in Marbella doing very little!  On Steve’s last day the boys and I got the bus to the main bus station in Marbella and then a bus to La Linea on the Spain/Gibraltar border so that we could all meet up.  Just in case...

18 Sep

Habla Espanol?

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For those of you that know Spanish, you will know I should have added an upside question mark at the front of the above question!  But my English keyboard doesn’t allow me to do that easily and frankly I can’t be bothered working that out right now because I just want to write a quick note about my 2 weeks of Spanish lessons.  My interest in the Spanish language began when...

18 Sep

September in Spain …

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Another week in Marbella, Spain … swim, beach, Spanish lessons, Old Town, churros and chocolate (sorry no photo), more swim, more beach, bus to Puerto Banus markets …










Spain really is as colourful as it looks. I just wish I could work out why WordPress decides to place these photos in such odd positions because it is not my intention for them to look so...

17 Sep

The ‘blood’ orange story by Patrick … read on!

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“So I was eating the orange and I thought my tooth was a seed.  I asked Harris if my tooth was bleeding and Harris realised that my tooth was gone.  And then Mum cam along and took some photos!”

Patrick’s first tooth lost in Marbella, Spain.

Words by Patrick. Photos by Mum.

Note:  Mum then put the tooth in a glass for safe keeping for the tooth fairy. Then some hours...

8 Sep

We made it to Spain!

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Hola!  Just a quick note to let everyone know we made it safely to Spain.  We are based in Marbella for 24 days, enjoying the sunshine and beach.  Here is a photographic journey of our week so far (and a few words) …


On Saturday we flew, with Easy Jet, from London Gatwick to Malaga, Spain in 2 1/2 hours.

We had a small apartment for one night.  On Sunday morning we...

3 Sep

Day 212 London to Malaga, Spain

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I started the day with a walk down to the local Sainsbury’s in Croydon to buy milk for our cereal and a top up voucher for our internet dongle.  Back to the hotel for brekky and then I made use of the hotel gym.  When I returned to the room everyone had risen and we got ourselves organised for a busy day of travel.  Steve had attempted to call the car hire company to see if...

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