13 Apr

Days 63-67 Dalat, Vietnam (Part One)

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The road to Dalat started out ok and then became rough, winding, riddled with potholes and piles of gravel too high to drive over to fill the potholes; roadwork machinery that we drove around and under; little in the way of line markings, crazy traffic and our even crazier bus driver who barely slowed down to take the many hairpin turns! Better to have my head down writing...

13 Apr

Down, down, down by Harris Baigrie

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This advenutre started when Mum decided to go to Groovy Gecko tours in Dalat, Vietnam just to have a look.  Dad and I found ourselves interested in the abseiling and canyoning tour and we decided to book a tour for the next day. 
At 9am the minivan came to pick us up and drove us to the mountain. There were 5 tourists and 4 guides – I was the only kid!  First they put...

10 Apr

Days 60-63 Nha Trang, Vietnam

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Nha Trang beach in Vietnam.

We made it to Nha Trang, the beach capital of Vietnam and extremely popular with Russian tourists!  At the airport we paid for a taxi voucher, 320,000 VND to get us to Nha Trang. The airport is 30 km out of town so we weren’t really sure whether it was better to get a voucher or go for a metered taxi but decided to go with a voucher.  The drive...

10 Apr

Days 56-60 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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In a park in Ho Chi Minh City close to our hotel.

We arrived in HCMC on the bus about 2 pm. Grabbed the first Vinasun taxi we could see to get to the hotel as these taxis were recommended to us. Arrived at the hotel without a hitch and were shown to our ‘family room’ on the 10th floor; a huge room with two queen size beds, 2 desks, fridge, cable tv and bathroom with large...

10 Apr

Up, up and away by Harris Baigrie.

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When we were in Nha Trang, Vietnam Dad and I went parasailing.  The tandem parasail for Dad and I cost 600,000 VND ($30). 

Here I am waiting to parasail. I felt a bit scared.

First the staff put your harness on.

I'm ready to parasail.

This is when they connect you to the parachute and the speed boat.

It took about 5 seconds to get into the air and I was up there for about 3...

4 Apr

Cu Chi Tunnels by Harris Baigrie

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Cu Chi Tunnels are a complex of tunnels, over 200 km long and like a spiderweb; that the Viet Cong used in the Vietnam War to fight the US Army. I went there on a bus with my Dad and Patrick. The bus ride was about 1 1/2 hours long to get to Cu Chi Tunnels from Ho Chi Minh City.

This is a diagram of the safest parts of the Cu Chi Tunnels.

This is a marker that the Viet Cong...

3 Apr

Days 54-56 Can Tho, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

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We flew from Phu Quoc Island to Can Tho on the mainland of Vietnam because $25 for a 1/2 hour flight each was way more appealing than a whole day of travel by taxi, ferry and bus!  The bonus which I hadn’t considered was that we got a bird’s eye view of the Mekong Delta region – the mass of rice paddy fields, orchards, streams and little villages was fantastic to see from...

2 Apr

Phu Quoc Island Part Two

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We started with 4 nights on the island and extended this with another 2 nights as we were enjoying the relaxed pace and it was cheaper to fly off the island on a Tuesday rather than the weekend!  Most days began the same way breakfast at ‘Oasis’ down the road from our accommodation and then a walk down to the beach for a swim.  Baguettes are as readily available here as...

25 Mar

Days 48-54 Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam Part One (Photos finally!)

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Our big adventure for the day – our first land border crossing from Cambodia to Vietnam.  The staff at ‘Jasmine Valley’ had organised transport to get us across to Ha Tien and the ferry terminal to Phu Quoc for $27.  We were picked up by a tuk-tuk driver and enjoyed a fabulous country drive for 45 minutes to the border. Along the way we saw salt farms; dry rice paddies,...

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