2 Sep

TB or not TB?

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Patrick and Harris are now the proud and brave recipients of their Tuberculosis injections.  Patrick was lucky enough to get his TB vaccination about 2 weeks before Harris and his arm has nearly healed.  It was not all fun and games however as there were nightly tears when his sore was at its most ugly.  Harris is only just beginning his journey of pus but I’m sure as an 8...

20 Aug

Technology around the world.

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As I am generally not a technological minded person I have spent hours reviewing the tech lists of other RTW blogs.  I have researched netbooks versus notebooks; iPod versus DS for kids and the best digital camera.  Am I any clearer on what to get?  Not entirely.  Should we buy here in Australia?  Should I buy before my trip to USA and get the Traveller’s Tax Rebate? ...

1 Aug

Get packing (the house, not a backpack yet).

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As soon as we decided we were embarking on our overseas adventure I started packing.  As an experienced mover (more than 15 moves in 17 years with student exchange, university and work); I know how to pack a box! 

So far I have packed about 4 tea chest size boxes with all those things we are keeping like Harris and Patrick’s baby and school memorabilia.  Also packed two...

1 Aug

What to pack for 12 months RTW?

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Where do you even start when trying to put together a list for 2 adults and 2 children for 12 months of RTW travel?  A good start is with the lists posted on other blogs.  Let other people do at least some of the thinking!  Based on the wonderful ideas of those that have paved the way before us, plus a few extra of our own ‘necessities’ I have put together a comprehensive...

27 Jun

First purchase for our trip!

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A morning spent without kids at Anaconda and Mountain Designs meant Steve and I could really get an idea of what is out there in the world of travel gear.  I tried on some easy care travel pants but didn’t purchase them at the time thinking I might be able to get them cheaper during my USA trip in October.  After returning home and googling the brand details, I found that...

15 Jun

Too many places to go and people to see!

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Travel brochures are coming out my ears.  We aren’t planning to book tours and accommodation necessarily but desperately need to get an idea of the must see places to go in particular countries and how to go about setting your own itinerary – brochures are great for this.  I am keeping a spreadsheet of each country, what to see and do, prices of attractions and likely...

9 Jun

Singing Kites

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I first heard about Singing Kites, a school in Cambodia, in 2009. Two nurses from work have volunteered at the school and Jeremy, the son of Harris’s school deputy principal, volunteered at the school for 6 months.  Singing Kites just stuck in my mind for some reason.  Every now and then I would think about it.  One day I got online, found the website and emailed Lyn...

1 Jun

First blog post!

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Early 2010 I started to research RTW travel with children. I was overwhelmed to find amazingly detailed travel blogs of families crisscrossing the world; some with 2 children and some with 4! I was truly inspired and motivated… if they could do it then I believed we could travel and blog our adventures too. Now motivated to want to fulfill my travel dreams, I set about...

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